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Avoiding Tax Identity Theft

According to an IRS report, Mauricio Warner, a Georgia resident, had a $10 million tax fraud and identity theft operation underway before he was caught and convicted. Warner used the names and social security numbers of online victims who “were told they could submit an application for an ‘Obama stimulus payment’ or ‘Free Government Money.’”

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Estimated Taxes: Who Has to Pay Them and How?

The majority of taxpayers pay their taxes due annually when filing their tax return for the year. In some circumstances, however, taxes must be paid to the IRS on a quarterly basis. These tax payments are called estimated taxes because they are based on the amount of income that an individual or business expects to make for the year.

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Filing your federal tax return after filing for an extension

April 15th may be more than six months away but it is never too soon to start thinking about how and when you will file your tax return. If all taxes due are not paid on time, you run the risk of penalties and interest. This is not a situation most people want to be in. You avoid penalties by withholding a sufficient amount from your earnings or paying a quarterly estimated tax. However, you can get a waiver of the penalty for underpayment if…

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