Foreign Visa Taxes

Non-residents of the USA are required to have certain visas in order to work or study in the country. Depending on the type of visa you hold, you may be subject to federal income taxes in addition to Social Security and Medicare taxes (payroll taxes).

International student taxes and foreign visa taxes are an unavoidable aspect of living abroad and our unique cross-border tax law expertise provides reassurance that your US tax returns are done correctly no matter which visa you have.

Foreign Student Taxes (F Visa)

Foreign students in the USA may be subject to taxation on certain scholarships, fellowships, and part-time jobs held while attending school. Some types of employment are exempt from American payroll taxes such as part-time jobs on campus, working as an au pair, and practical training related to your studies. An international tax accountant can help you determine if you will need to file tax returns while you are studying in the US, especially as figuring out the taxable portion of scholarships and fellowships can prove difficult.

Teacher and Trainee Taxes (J Visa)

Teachers and trainees with J visas include au pairs, scholars with short-term stays, summer camp workers, teachers, and physicians. Cultural exchange visitors with Q visas are subject to similar rules to J visa holders as well. To be exempt from American payroll taxes with a J visa, you can’t have been exempt as a teacher, trainee, or student for any part of the last two out of six preceding calendar years.

There are exceptions to this rule that foreign tax accountants can help you navigate depending on medical conditions, if any, or if you have a foreign employer providing most of your income during this six-year period.

Foreign Professional Taxes (H Visa, H-1B)

H visa holders, the most common type being H-1B for non-immigrants with temporary employment in specialty occupations such as technology and the arts, are for foreign professionals working in the USA. The H-1B visa can cause a multitude of tax issues depending on how long your stay is, how much money you keep in the country, and whether or not you have to file foreign asset tax forms.

An international tax accountant, such as Dukhon Tax, can determine which tax forms you are required to file and how the length and nature of your time in the US will affect your finances so that you can plan accordingly.

Tax Assistance For Other Visa-Holders

There are other types of visas for business visitors, members of the foreign press, athletes and entertainers who are not residents of the USA, and visas for spouses and family members of citizens or lawful residents. You may also qualify for other types of visas depending on the reason for your visit and the duration.

Additional tax assistance may be needed for holders of these visas as the need for filing a tax return could arise depending on whether you earned income while in America and how much it was. If you are currently looking to change your immigration status, this can also affect which taxes you are subject to and the forms you will need filed.

Our foreign tax accountants specialize in all manner of navigating cross-border taxation issues, tax treaties, and visa types and are here to assist you with all of your US-related tax return inquiries and form filing needs.